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'Tumai Studio' is interested in the relationship between human, product, space and nature. 
It searches to find room for 'nature' in growing urban spaces. The search and interest lies, 
in many ways, at the root of the development and design processes of our products.

'Tumai Studio' products', often seem very conceptual, yet when you introduce them
into your life, you discover their practical usefulness.



Tumai  products are born out of the relationship between object, user, nature and space.
Our constant search for simplicity, intimacy and our endless exploration of the ways people use objects,
lead us to develop products that raise user-awareness to their presence and usability.  This approach to design
often reveals new structural concepts which become a vast platform for the design of prenovative objects.

Guided by the principals of precision and essentialism Tumai’s products create a pause in time and space,
a moment of relief.



Human will and needs stand at the basis of every architectural & product design action.  

Tumai Studio explores these motives through deep listening to the specific character of every client and space.  

Our thorough understanding of engineering and construction methods enable us to stretch the planning, design
and construction processes and redefine their limits. We use void just as we do any other material, to create an
architectural Product. We aim to intune figure to function, measurements to space. 
Throughout the process,
there is an ongoing dialog and an attentive endeavour to translate our motives into a 
complete, though lightweight,
product, be it an entire building or a single book shelf.

Timo Homemade

Architecture / Interior

170 m², H=350 cm

Home & Studio for Artist, Jaffa, Israel.

Raise Set

Architecture / Interior

140 m², H=350 cm

Home & Studio for Creative Processes, Jaffa, Israel.

Coming Soon

Breaking Wave

Planing & Construction

Tedy Productions - Set for TV program

Art Director Dani Avshalom

Coming Soon



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Tumai Studio

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Tel Aviv-Yafo


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